Our Revolution Hawaii Oahu Chapter 2018 Endorsements

Raina Whiting was a National Delegate for Senator Bernie Sanders in 2016 and has been endorsed by the Pono Hawaii Initiative (an organization committed to supporting progressive candidates) for the 2018 elections. An elementary school teacher, in 2016 Raina worked to publicly finance her campaign for county council and ran a people powered campaign that was free of special interests. She did so by running a campaign where the vast majority of donations were less than $100. Through the support of small dollar donations, Raina showed the ability to be a viable candidate, receiving 31% of the votes as a first time candidate.

House District 3 (Big Island)

Raina Whiting


Terez Amato was a National Delegate for Senator Bernie Sanders when he ran for president in 2016. She is a graduate of the Kuleana Academy grassroots candidate training program and was endorsed by Pono Hawaii Initiative (an organization committed to supporting progressive candidates) for the 2018 elections. Terez has proven to be a viable candidate, who in the 2014 Democratic primaries for this State Senate seat received 43.1% of the vote. Terez has pledged to not accept contributions from either corporations or lobbyists.


Terez Amato


Kim Coco Iwamoto has committed to no corporate contributions to her campaign. She is a member of the Democratic Socialists of Honolulu and has been endorsed by the organization. Her role on the board of the Hawaii Alliance for Progressive Action, as well as her endorsements by the Sierra Club of Hawaii and medical and hospitality workers’ union, UNITE HERE! Local 5, shows Coco’s dedication to the struggle for social, economic, and environmental justice. Coco has shown herself to be a viable candidate. She was elected to serve on the state’s Board of Education when it’s positions were electable, and received 31.62% of the vote in a three person race for State Senate, District 13 in the 2016 primary election.

Lieutenant Governor



Amy Perruso currently serves as Secretary-Treasurer of the Hawai’i State Teachers Association. She is also a member of the Every Student Succeeds Act Team, which was tasked with devising a blueprint for the future of Hawai’i’s public schools. She was a Fulbright Scholar and finalist for the Gilder-Lehrman National History Teacher of the Year Award. When she’s not in her classroom, Amy enjoys community organizing, surfing, and spending time with her husband and two daughters.

House District 46 Launani Valley to Wahiawa

Amy Perruso


During my eight years on the County Council, I represented many of you. Now I’m running for the State Senate in District 3 (Kona and Ka’u) where I would like to continue to make our district, our island, and our state a better place to live.

State Senate District 3 Big Island North Kailua-Kona to Na'alehu

Brenda Ford


These have been challenging times for our community, but together we continue to Unify Wai’anae and exemplify what it means to be Wai’anae Strong. By working collaboratively, we are finding innovative ways to improve our educational system, address our traffic, the growing numbers of homeless encampments, abandoned vehicles, and illegal dumping, while ensuring our community members have access to essential government services.

House District 44 Waianae

Cedric Gates


Matt LoPresti is running against a pesticide and bio tech lobbyist.  He needs our support!

“Because of multiple successes over two terms in the House of Representatives, many have urged me to run to represent all of Ewa in the Senate,” said Rep. LoPresti.  “Among other things, supporters have cited my role as a fiscal watchdog who is not afraid to fight undue influence of special interests.  As Senator, I would continue to be a fierce advocate for better schools, affordable housing, ethics reform, and statewide infrastructure improvements.”

State Senate District 19 Oahu Ewa

Matt LoPresti


“Our Revolution Hawai`i was one of the national organization’s very first local affiliates, and I’m grateful to have earned their support as we work together to make sure our government works to serve the interests of the people and our planet. I look forward to continuing our work to empower and serve the people over big money special interests, promoting issues like Medicare for All, affordable housing, education, peace, and working towards ensuring we have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

Congressional Candidate District 2

Tulsi Gabbard


Representative Kaniela Ing served as the State Representative for House District 11 on Maui, representing Kihei, Wailea, and Makena. Kaniela, while in office, publicly endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders for president in 2016. He ran and won his first race for his current seat in 2012 at the age of 23, using public financing. Running for Congress in the first congressional district, Kaniela has shown himself to be willing to stand up for regular working class people in DC with a bold progressive platform that includes getting money out of politics, Medicare for all, a $15 dollar minimum wage, criminal justice reform, and much more.

Congressional District 1

Kaniela Ing


Randy Gonce was a volunteer for Senator Bernie Sanders presidential campaign in Hawaiʻi and was one of the veterans who went and stood in solidarity with the water protectors and the Native peoples at Standing Rock in 2016. Randy has been open about his experiences as a medical cannabis patient and his support for the legalization of cannabis. A graduate of the Kuleana Academy’s candidate training program and a participant of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee’s National Candidate Training, he has publicly stated that he will be running a 100% grassroots campaign that will not depend on corporate interests for suppo

State House District 48

Randy Gonce


“For years, I’ve been advocating for issues like kūpuna care, improving our public education system, and basic environmental protections. We need our elected officials to prioritize the needs of their communities over the demands of the richest corporations. Things like essential funding for Hawaiʻi’s public schools, and responsible natural resource management should be common sense priorities over tax cuts for foreign multi-billion dollar companies.”

State House District 49 Kane'ohe Maunawili Olomana

Natalia Hussey-Burdick 


“My vision is for Honolulu to embrace its name, sheltered harbor. In this vision, Honolulu is a progressive, modern and forward-looking city, connected through trade, diplomacy and ideas to world markets and the global community. But we achieve this vision by investing in our citizens, preparing our keiki for a world which is increasingly unequal, unpredictable and untenable.”

Honolulu City Council District 6

Ikaika Hussey

  • Raising awareness and testifying against the use of seawalls to harden our shorelines

  • Advocating for a ban on the use of certain pesticides at Hawaiʻi schools

  • Organizing and promoting the restoration of loʻi in Kahoma Valley

  • Organizing and volunteering for donation drives in support of families affected by the recent Hanalei flooding and Kilauea eruption

  • Promoting and assisting with community work days to restore the ʻauwai system in Waiheʻe Valley following signifiant storm damage

  • Advocating for the restoration of stream flow throughout Maui to allow for restoration of healthy ecosystems and traditional agricultural practices

House District 12 Kula, Pukalani, Makawao, Hali'imaile, Spreckelsville, Kahului

Tiare Lawerence


“As a small business owner, I would like to collaborate with colleagues to make doing business in Hawaii easier.  We have so many challenges.  Hawaii’s anti-business worker’s compensation regulations, for example, make it very difficult to pay higher wages. Insurance companies & Department of Labor do not protect employers from frivolous claims.  Small business owners need a level playing field.”

State House District 11 South Maui Kihei Wailea Makena

Tina Wildberger


Benton Rodden is a graduate of the Kuleana Academy grassroots candidate training program, and has been endorsed  by the Pono Hawaii Initiative (an organization committed to supporting progressive candidates) for the 2018 elections. Benton serves as the Chair of Academic Labor United and was a leading advocate for the fight for graduate student unionization. He is a member of the Democratic Socialists of Honolulu and one of the organization’s endorsed candidates. Benton is choosing to run a grassroots campaign powered by working people.

House District 23

Benton Rodden

Senate District 4

Heather Kimball