Barnstorm for Medicare For All!


Hawaii gears up for

National Medicare for All Week of Action


Event locations:

o Hawaii State Capitol Auditorium – Feb. 9, 1 pm

o Unitarian Universalist Church, 15-1791 14th Ave, Keaau, Big Island – Feb. 10, 10:30 am

o ILWU Hall, 451 Atkinson Drive, Honolulu – Feb. 12, 6pm

Because we believe that healthcare is a human right, and that all deserve guaranteed access to quality, comprehensive healthcare.

Hundreds of events are happening across the country as activists come together to win Medicare for All.

We’ll talk about what’s at stake and our plan to win.

70% of all Americans now support Medicare for All, and we have a chance to radically transform our healthcare system to one that recognizes that healthcare as a human right - and that’s huge.


Medicare For All Community Picnic In Ala Moana Park

Magic Island Picnic Site #32

We invite all to join us to this fun community event on healthcare-for-all! It that aims to gather anyone who:
- are frustrated, and sick and tired of the greed-based and profit-oriented healthcare system
- believe that healthcare is basic to human dignity
- would like to learn in-depth about how this current broken healthcare system perpetuates inequalities and discrimination
- would like to learn in-depth about the national single-payer system/Medicare For All
- would like to take action/work for healthcare for all in Hawaii

Main speaker will be Dr. Leslie Gise, a Maui psychiatrist and Hawaii's contact person for the Physicians For A National Health Program (PNHP). She will present on how the present healthcare system is INEFFECTIVE, INEFFICIENT, and EXPENSIVE and on the basics of a TRULY UNIVERSAL, COMPREHENSIVE, COST-EFFECTIVE and AFFORDABLE health insurance system.

Bring your healthcare stories and your own placards/signs showing what you want for healthcare.
Invite your families and friends! Kiddos are very welcome! Kids' activities will be made available.

Save our Supreme Court: Stop Brett Kavanaugh


Trump has nominated Brett Kavanaugh to be on the supreme court.

Nationally, a majority of people opposed many of Mr. Kavanaugh's positions.

We need to highlight how dangerous to civil rights, healthcare, climate change, consumer rights, and, especially, how biased in favor of Trump Mr. Kavanaugh will be, should a case related to Trump make it to the supreme court. Meet at King Kalakaua Statue Park, formerly known as Waikiki Gateway Park, on August 26 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Bring your own sign! has taken the initiative to create a nationwide day of action to oppose Mr. Kavanaugh's nomination; let's join!

Progressive Movement Celebration Potluck Picnic


Join us for our Progressive Movement Potluck Picnic Celebration
Saturday, August 18 - 10am set up, 11am chill, noon eats, 3pm pau
Everyone is Invited
* Enjoy: Fun, Food, Music & Camaraderie with Fellow Progressives
* Recognize & Thank Progressive Candidates for Running
* Candidates & Organizations Thank & Recognize Volunteers
* Organizations Share Their Victories in the Legislature
* Organizations Share their coming Actions and Campaigns
* Fun Stuffs: Three Legged Races, Balloon Toss, etc.
* Awards for:
- Cutest Progressive Couple
- Awesome Youth Volunteer
- Most Bad Ass Kupuna
- Most Congenial Volunteer
- Grumpiest Progressive
- Unsinkable Progressive Activist

Cosponsoring Organizations so far: 350 Hawaii, Americans for Democratic Action Hawaii, Randy Gonce Campaign, Healthcare for All Hawaii, Natalia Hussey-Burdick Campaign, Matt LoPresti Campaign, Our Revolution Hawaii, Progressive Democrats of Hawaii, Progressive Movement Hawaii (we're just getting started many more to follow)

Bring Instruments to Kanikapila.

Needs: Groups and Campaigns to RSVP. We also need folks to commit to bringing canopies, tables, chairs, food dishes, drinks, cups, plates, bowls, utensils. Could use organizing help with the contests, program, etc. Let me know what you'd take on. Mahalo

To RSVP or for more information or to help organize contact Dave Mulinix at or 239-8276.

Malama Pono, Dave Mulinix, Our Revolution Hawaii, The Progressive Movement Hawaii

For more information or to help organize contact Dave Mulinix at

Knock Doors for Medicare For All Now!


Let's join the nation wide wave of support for Expanded and Improved Medicare For All!

Join a 'how to host a canvas event' webinar provided by National Nurses Union and Knock Every Door here:

Tuesday 8/21 at 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST
Register here:

Monday 8/27 at 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST
Register here:

Medicare For All is a federal bill, and it offers more efficiency than a state based plan can.  However, here  in Hawaii, we have the nations first Single Payer bill, HRS322H The Hawaii Health Authority, and it can dramatically improve healthcare in Hawaii.   The problem is, not nearly enough people or elected officials understand that we already have a remedy for our current health insurance premium spikes:  cut down on insurance bureaucracy!!  The only obstacle to implementing the law is the will of Governor Ige.

Health insurance costs will increase every year in Hawaii, resulting in a family of four costing $42,000 per year by 2026, according to Health Insurance Commissioner Ito.  This pov is accepted by Dr. Pressler, former head of the Hawaii Dept of Health, and by Senator Baker, Chair of the Health Committee, and Governor Ige also accepts this figure.  All three of them state that "there is no remedy other than decreasing utilization."

Well, let's get them to talk about simplifying health insurance.  Via the statutory authority of HRS322H The Hawaii Health Authority, it can lower costs this way:  create one benefit package with one set of billing rules which Medicaid, private, and Medicare Advantage companies will provide.  This is not single payer.  It is All Payer.  The state does not need to create a new entity.  It just creates the business plan by which existing insurance companies operate.  We can do this, we have the law to do this, but...

Hawaii is the only state which allows its governor to 'decide not to fund or staff' any law that the legislature passes.  If Governor Ige were to change his mind tomorrow, and call for a special session for 60 minutes, during which the legislature could approve a $250,000.00 line item in the budget to fund the Hawaii Health Authority's design process, then, that process would start.  Four to six months later the plan would be ready for submission to the legislature for approval.

Why not take a look at a plan with the existing statutory authority to redesign healthcare in Hawaii??  We need thousands of people to ask Ige to support the HHA.

We'll use the proven tactic of politely enjoying conversation with people by knocking on doors and asking them to join our lobbying efforts.

Lobbying efforts:

1.   Every Monday, call Governor Ige, post on his FB, his  twitter, and submit official requests to him via his website:

Call Governor Ige:  (808) 586-0034   FB:  Twitter:  @GovHawaii  Instragram:  @GovHawaii

2.   Call Bruce Anderson, the new head of the Hawaii Department of Health:                              1
808-586-4400 (Voice)
808-586-4444 (FAX)

3.   Call Senator Baker, since she is the gate keeper for any health bill:

Baker Rosalyn H. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 230
Phone 808-586-6070
Fax 808-586-6071

4.   Additionally, call your own Rep/Senator.  Find their contact info here:

5.  Sign up with Healthcare For All Hawaii's newsletter to stay informed of ongoing events.  We need to gear up now for the 2019 legislative session.

When you call, you can:

  1.  Let them know that you support the Hawaii Health Authority
  2.  ask them if they support the Hawaii Health Authority
  3.  if they don't support it, ask why.  Ask for a meeting to talk about it.  Feel free to share their reasons for not supporting it on our FB group Healthcare For All Hawaii, so we can discuss a solution for their concerns.

If they don't support it, and won't talk about it, then they are simply supporting expensive, profiteering health insurance rip offs.  We can continue to call them every week, and, we can recruit more people to do the same, until enough people are calling, every week.  Eventually, they will not be able to ignore us.

Regarding a federal bill, Senators Brian Schatz and Mazie Hirono have co signed Bernie Sanders Medicare For All bill, but, they are not focusing on it.  Call them and remind them that you want healthcare to drop from 18% of GDP down to 11% by wiping out unnecessary insurance bureaucracy.  That massive savings will allow us to afford high quality healthcare for everyone in a Universal system.  It will also lower the cost of business, which will restore manufacturing jobs to the USA, and it will reduce homelessness.

Tulsi Gabbard supports Medicare For All, but, she could do more for it: ask her to host a quarterly state wide healthcare town hall via FB live.  Her previous online town halls received around 5,000 people attending.  She could use her popularity to create more understanding how single payer can cut $800 billion out of our annual $1.1 trillion expenditure on admin overhead of healthcare.

Candidate Ed Case needs to hear from us on this topic.

Senator Schatz:  (808) 664-0062

Senator Hirono:  (808) 522-8970

Representative Gabbard:  (808) 541-1986

Candidate for CD1 Ed Case:  (808)  546-9509

Several national organizations are launching a street campaign; Hawaii can, too!

The first online tutorial is tomorrow, Wednesday, August 15, at 3:00 pm. Sign up on the link below!


Knock Every Door.
- We are excited to announce that National Nurses United has launched a national Medicare for All field campaign in partnership with Healthcare-NOW, Our Revolution, Knock Every Door, and other progressive organizations.

Sign up to host a door to door canvass in your community!

This campaign centers one-on-one conversations with our neighbors by going door to door to talk to them about Medicare for All and ask for their support.

No matter which state you live in, NNU will provide you with the training and materials you’ll need to build support for Medicare for All. Whether it’s a bill in your state’s legislature or demanding that your federal representatives co-sponsor the national Medicare for All bills in Congress, you can use these skills to get to work in your community.

And this isn’t just a typical canvass. The campaign is using a technique called “deep canvassing” that centers active listening, storytelling, and persuasion to build relationships with people at the door and highlight how our struggles are connected.

Join the campaign to learn more about these skills and how you can get to work in your community!

Already busy with your own campaign? Don't have time to canvass because you're working on moving a particular legislator or advancing a bill? Email us to find out how you can incorporate canvassing into your work, or find out more about how to move a legislator through canvassing!

In solidarity,

Ben and Stephanie

Healthcare-NOW staff…/1FAIpQLSeyA9_Xg5eIl-T9Bf…/viewform

Healthcare-NOW is a grassroots organization that fights to end the health insurance crisis by educating and advocating for improved Medicare-for-All legislation, such as H.R. 676. You can unsubscribe from Healthcare-NOW's email list here.

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Post Primary, Talkin' bout a Revolution

Representative Kaniela Ing lost his race for CD1 in 2018 but he'll win in 2020.
He started soft, in October 2017, and then needed to focus on being a legislator, which left only a few months for serious canvassing. Without benefit of mainland or our local establishment funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars his way. Well, the big bucks came, but, they were pointed another way.
Keep in mind, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wore out three pair of shoes while canvassing and campaigning for a  full year, and prior to beginning her well organized campaign, she was supported by a coalition of NY progressive organizations.
However, Kaniela Ing has brought us to the trail-head at the base of Mount Conquer Hawaii's Establishment. Around 150 dedicated volunteers are now assembled, trained, motivated, and able to begin the casual yet consistent task of campaigning as a hobby that is a part of a healthy lifestyle.  We have Kaniela to thank for charging at the windmills of power; he needs us to back him up, and we need him to continue his grass roots leadership. 
Kaniela's policies continue and expand upon Bernie Sanders policies. His campaign is the strongest continuation of Bernie's political transformation in Hawaii, so everyone who wants lower rent, higher wages, action on climate change and elevation of social issues, which is most people, needs all-of-us to bring the message of why Kaniela is their best 2020 candidate for CD1.
Relax, that's the cart, and it does not get placed in front of the horses. The horses are all the candidates who just won their primary election. They are our horses; lets saddle them with the agenda we want as they campaign for the general election on November 7.
Starting soon, two to six hours of campaigning per week by our existing group will grow into a permanently expanding core of active volunteers bringing this message to all of our communities. We start by building support for our issues, and asking people to communicate their desires to our general election candidates, now. Recently, a number of candidates have been making favorable statements about core parts of Kaniela's message, including Medicare For All.  
Have you read the house bill?  It's 15 pages, and lowers costs more than Bernie's version in the Senate.  (Bernie's bill is a triumph of marketing.  Without certain compromises, he might not have received any co signers, so don't get upset about it's flaws.  We can fix those.)
Kaniela may be out of the election, but he changed the dialogue. He pulled the competition towards us. We don't have the fish in hand yet, but we do have a hand on the line.
His current loss is not a reason to let go.  Don't let go!
We must reel those candidates in even closer to doing more than agreeing with Medicare For All, legalizing recreational marijuana, etc., we need them to promote it and to teach why shifting resources from prisons to education, etc., is what we need and what we expect.
To Do List:
1. Promote our agenda with candidates campaigning for the general election
2. Use those efforts to promote a 2019 legislative agenda
3. Right now, we need to develop and then promote our 2019 Hawaii state legislative agenda
David Mulinix has called for a gathering of Progressives next Saturday at Magic Island, on Oahu, from 10 am to 3:00 pm This will be a perfect time to share and discuss.
So, he lost this race, but, silver lining, now he can focus full time on grass roots organizing, right Khara Jabola-Carolus?
How about Terez Amato?  Coming within an inch of unseating the largest obstacle to progressive policies in the Hawaii State Senate, Senator Baker.  Due to Senator Bakers position as Chair of the Senate Health Committee, and due to her unwavering opposition to Single Payer, we have a problem.
Don't quit on Terez!  She just about won, and is perfectly placed to continue leading legislative advocacy in Maui.  How about Raina Whiting, Tiare Lawrence, Randy Gonce, Heather Kimball, Koohan Paik Mander, Kim Coco, and others?  All of the great candidates who ran and didn't quite pass the finish line this year have expanded their own sphere; let's put our Ha into their sphere by following them, helping them, and working for the progressive agenda with every wonderful progressive leader in Hawaii.
Congratulations Amy Perruso, Matt LoPresti, Cedric Gates, Micah Kalama Pregitzer, Josh Green, Tulsi Gabbard, and yes, congratulations Governor David Ige. 
Yes, congratulations Congressman Ed Case!   (Did I hear that you support Medicare For All?)
Democracy is happening, we are fortunate to be a part of it, so please, everyone, stick with it and let's keep going!
Senator Mazie Hirono did, and look at her amazing career.
P.S. If you are in need of a good film, please enjoy  The director is such a genius he made learning about Single Payer, Pharma, and campaign financing extraordinarily entertaining.
Dennis B Miller
Healthcare For All Hawaii

Hawaii 2018 Primary Election August 11

Whoever wins the primary in August will cruise to a win in the general election in November, due to Hawaii being, for all practical purposes, a one party state.

Therefor, August 11 is The Primary Election!

Don't skip it, and, since only 20% of Hawaii voters usually turn out, we have an opportunity to win.

All we need to do is inform our family, friends, and neighbors that Bernie Sanders political revolution is continuing with Kaniela Ing running for congress, and many more progressive candidates running for state and city offices.

Please see the list of endorsed candidates on

Early voting is underway, and, same day voter registration is possible due to a bill that Representative Kaniela Ing wrote and helped lead to successful passage!

Just walk into city hall on King Street or Kapolei Hale during office hours and register to vote and vote on the spot!

For full election information, please see:




Fight for Aloha: Rally for Kaniela Ing for Congress

Kaniela Ing for Congress is excited to have Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez coming to Oahu for the homestretch! This is a movement of new voices from the Bronx to Honolulu to end systemic corruption, reject corporate and lobbyist money, and demand a nation that works for all of us.

Primary election day is August 11th. Join Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Kaniela Ing on Thursday, August 9th at 3440 Leahi Ave (Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind) Doors open at 5:30 p.m and programming begins at 6:30 p.m.

Space is limited so each attendee should RSVP individually to be added to the list. No physical tickets.

(Note: No outside sign will be allowed into this event)

There is still time to win!

Spread the word about Kaniela and get people to vote!

People to The Polls Saturday August 4 10 am to 4 pm Starting at Ala Moana Beach Park

Join YPDA and members of the community for a fun, family-friendly day of food, entertainment and civic engagement! It's time for the people to come together as a community and take back their democratic process.

The event will begin with a march from Ala Moana Beach Park departing at 10 a.m. and arriving at the Diamond Head lawn of the State Capitol at 11:30 a.m. Once at the Capitol, participants will be able to enjoy free food and entertainment while they explore educational booths from advocacy organizations like the Sierra Club Oʻahu Group, the Hawaiʻi Alliance for Progressive Action, Our Revolution Oʻahu Group, Hawaiian Community Assets and many others. Community members who do not wish to march are welcome to meet marchers at the Capitol beginning at 11 a.m.

Volunteer marshals from these organizations will be available to escort community members across the street to Honolulu Hale where they can utilize the state's early voting and same-day registration options. The event is permitted, family-friendly and completely non-partisan. No candidates will be promoted at the event, but candidates are welcome to participate in the march and demonstrate their commitment to civic engagement.

Hawaiʻi has consistently been at the bottom of state rankings when it comes to voter participation. Working people often feel disenfranchised from the democratic process as a result of policy choices that place profits over people. They feel that their votes and their participation will not change the status quo. But participation in the process is the only thing that has ever resulted in peaceful progress, and the only thing that ever will. The election of candidates that are more in-tuned with working class values is critical to alleviating many of the socioeconomic problems working people in Hawaiʻi experience. This will only happen if Hawaiʻi's people feel enfranchised and empowered to participate, and this requires organizing and fostering a sense of welcome and community. YPDA and its partners hope that this event will begin to create that sense of community.

Organizations that wish to participate in the march or that wish to set up educational booths on the Capitol lawn are encouraged to contact lead organizer Will Caron at or